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All About Me

Sadie Howes

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Hi, I am Sadie....

I don't know exactly how many people there are in this world with the name Sadie Howes,

but if I'm the one you were looking for, CONGRATS! You found me.
(But also, I'm very Google-able. It's not difficult to land here.)



  • From Fortune 500s to startups, I have taken a progressive marketing and advertising career and developed it into a lucrative healthcare administration / operations career.

  • While building a "traditional" career, I've always had an entrepreneurial, hustler heart, specializing in small business consulting and launching some projects of my own. 

  • I'm a travel loving, everyday-adventure seeking, culture appreciating, explorer. I've had something like 15 hometowns in 33 years. I've been to every state except Alaska, North Dakota, Oklahoma & Oregon. I've set foot on every continent except South America & Antarctica. (Vacation anyone?)

  • In love with learning and hold 2 degrees, but I expect to earn more before my time in this world is done. In case you care:

    • Johns Hopkins University '11

      • BA - International Relations & Entrepreneurship 

    • Northwestern University '20

      • MBA - Kellogg School of Management​

  • Proud big dog momma. Our pit mix recently crossed the rainbow bridge which has been a catalyst for the launch of Whiskey Tango LLC, Whiskey, our other 4-legged child is a very spoiled Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

  • An avid, casual snowboarder. Give me fresh powder, long blues / easy blacks and a couple of drinks & you won't find a happier human!

For now, that's all I've got for you.
This site is constantly evolving so don't be shocked by missing pages, typos, and changing links.
(I'm a terrible proofreader.)

Check back often for updates.
Build. Connect. Explore. Instigate. Give. Hustle. Learn.



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